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Upgrade to Professional and get:

  • Integrations

    Enable integrations to Dropbox and Windows File Shares.
  • Branding

    Upload your logo, icons and set your profile colors to make your Incentive installation unique.
  • Unlimited Spaces

    Break free from just 5 spaces and create as many as you want.
  • Membership & Privacy

    Enable restrictions on spaces including read only, closed and secret. You will also be able to set membership approval rules.
  • Version Control

    Any changes made in your documents, wikis, posts is saved under version control, meaning you can view any previous version of a page, compare different versions or rollback to any past version.
  • Performance & Storage

    Running in our cloud service Incentive Cloud, you will boost your performance and increase your storage to 250GB.
  • Support & Customer Success Program

    Reach out to our support at anytime and tap into our expertise to make Incentive a success in your organization.
  • Go Professional

    Learn more about all the details in the Professional version.